There is a set of applications and utilities that help users to get information about detailed information not only about the system, but also about the installed devices. A powerful tool in this segment is the program of British developers Piriform Speccy. The software gives detailed system information and data about the hardware installed on your computer. Download the official version of Speccy for free on our website.

Speccy utility is supported by Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, XP, Vista.

Program Features

Speccy free program with an intuitive russified interface. Providing access to information is instantaneous. Characterized by the following functions:

  •  comprehensive information about the state of the operating system;
  •  full data about the processor;
  •  analysis of the motherboard's indicators;
  •  graphics and music settings;
  •  data about optical media and storage devices;
  •  network and peripheral parameters.


With the help of Speccy, it is determined how suitable the installed data and equipment are for the requirements of the computer's operating system. This will help you make the right decisions on the necessity to upgrade your PC, fix bugs in the operation of the specific node or replace some equipment. Getting up-to-date information about OS and hardware operation can guarantee proper work of installed programs and applications for a long time. Download Spacey from our website and get the necessary information about your computer and use it for its intended purpose.